I had to check the Sticky Pistil website. I got to say it is ALMOST as cool as your live show. By chance I was trying to find some shade at Woodstock on friday when I happened into the emerging bands building right as you guys were setting up. Your band blew me away. You generated as much energy as I saw from any band there and I was there the full 3 days.....Paul Gant / [email protected]

Sup guys? I saw you guys at Woodstock and the whole show was awesome!! I was right up front. I got the bumper sticker on my car already! An eclectic mix of funk, rap and alternative. I like it...you get the best of everything. Keep up the good work! Let me know when you're comin to Philly! I can't wait to get your CD!.....Deanna / [email protected]

HEY!!!! Yall are smokin.... Bass player sheesh what can I say. Man is layin down the chops..I think Les and Flea would be proud that they influenced you! Maby a little Wooten too? All of you are funkin funktastic mutherfunkers!!!! We aare new to this mp3 thing and have been looking for others with the chops (playing actual instruments). And yall got em! ThankS! We are Rotary Styles. New to "acid funk." Let me know what you think. Can I link to you?
Jack, drummer for Rotary Styles

Sticky Pistil rocks! Effortless weaving of intricate parts with such amazing energy.....Andyman

Hey man, we hooked ya up on our mp3 site--check it--you guys are funking great!!.....Huffy

First of all, I must say, u guys have your shit together. I've heard alot of bands on the east coast, and none of them could even compare to your mixing capabilities, or your style for that matter. I love your Cd. The Bass kicks ass. I am telling all my friends on the east coast to check u out. They all wanna know if u plan on hittin the east coast at all. Anyways, Keep hittin us with that Funkinmental Sound!!.....Bombshell

Your music is frikin bad! You guys are awesome. I was wondering if you guys would like to be on an independent movie soundtrack. We would like the song "fundamental thang" to be on the CD. Thanks .....Sean Chastain / [email protected]

hell yea you guys are soooo damn funky i gotta get that CD.....john bryant

I loved "Contact" - cool song. I hope you don't mind the comparison to The Chili Peppers - It sounds like their better days. Very good sound quality and arrangement. I hope you guys go far. Great bass playing too. Good message. I give it a big thumbs up! Well - keep on jammin'! Sincerely .....Rob of BIG POO GENERATOR / [email protected]

Dude, you guys kick major ass! On the mp3.com site it said you guys had a CD coming out in late February. Do you know what date exactly? I would love to get it! [email protected]

Whow, you guys sound pro, it seemss to me like you're on a rollercoaster onwards! to success and heaps of money. It has authentic blunt groove, like in the good old days, me thinks. I hear echos of luther thomas too! Eternal life for you! [email protected]

I was just surfing the web, and mp3.com, and I came across some of your songs. I really enjoyed them. I would also like to get your permission to use them. I work for a Public Access Television station, and we regularly play CD's on the air over our Video Bulletin Board. I'm looking for some materia to put with that, that fits the requirements, and your stuff is great. We are just a Public access/non-for profit Television station, so your material would not be used for anything commercial or for money. Thank you for your time .....Ryan Pieratt Producer Batavia Access Television, Channel 43 / [email protected]

"You guys have kind of an eclectic musical personality...you cover a wide variety of sounds and lots of creative energy...4 STARS" ......J 'BIG JOB' OLIVER

Wuddup?...this is the bassist from"FLUiD" i just gotta say that i heard your music and it blew me away ....its tight...yall gots skillz...write back sometime..peace [email protected]

I'm listening to your stuff right now. You guys just too damned funky fo' anybody's good. You guys could make the whitest of whiteys get down with da riddum. Hurt me, baby. Take care, Irving [email protected]

I just checked you guys out. Man, your funky for a bunch 'o white boys. [email protected]

White boy funk sucks .....from an anonymous fan

Hello, My name is Shawn....from "The Skintree", you freaks RIP!!!! That is the phunkiest shit since WhiteCastle bathrooms!!! I'm hippin' ALL my bro's to this shit [email protected]

I think your music kicks fucking ASSSSSSSSS.. so well fucking mixed its nearly impossinble to tell the samples from the real playing [email protected]

Hey dudes, i downloaded your mp3s. cool stuff! i also checked out your website. love the artwork. do you do that yourselves? are you only doing shows in the U.S. or do you come up to Montreal sometimes? let me know if you ever do take care, .....mario(hol'fader)

Hey, your band is cool! I like the bass slappin' guy!! I play the bass too, and slaping rules!!! Bye, .....Marc

I just checked out your page, and I'm not really a funk fan, but your music is damn good [email protected]

I downloaded cowboyfunk- nice loops in the beginning and the whip is a nice touch. when the guitar pickups up the old west theme, the bass match is great. The lead vocal sounds like primus a little. That is freekin' cool, that low echo distortion on the lead voice. Nicely done [email protected]

Lousy download (kept skipping) and the music - [cowboy funk] - truly sucked [email protected]

I just listened to Cowboyfunk. All I have to say is.... YOU GUYS IS GOIN' BIG I GUARAN-FUCKIN-TEE IT! I am thoroughly impressed. Who did your production? How do you handle all the samples when you play out? Who is the drummer? Dude's tight! .....Spencer Feely / [email protected]

I'm listening to Contact right now.. Cool shit.. Great groove.. sort of reminds me of Beck.. the rap style [email protected]

Cheers mate, I'm up-loading some more tracks this weekend. It's a total drag here in England, Internet wise. Mega Bootsy Bass, love that gear. Keep on rockin' you Funk Soul Brother.... See Ya! .....Vic

I listened to you guys a couple days ago and was telling a few of my friends to check your band out. You guys are a cut above the majority of what's on mp3. Keep it up. From: ....."Robert Houchins"

I listened to your stuff. Im pretty sure i hear samples, but its so fucking well done its REALLY HARD to tell? i mean the music just flows so perfectly.. tension and release..some of these songs sound [like] they've taken 100 hours to mix.. maybe more.. serious stuff man!! .....jay stile

I downloaded Contact, and checked out the Instant Play of Fundamental Thang. Some nice Bass licks there, you guys sound like a minneapolis band. You Guys should play up here sometime. I'll download the other tunes when I get time. Catch you later. Ray Gilman (Lightnin)

i downloaded contact. that's some serious funky shit. i really dug fundamental thang though. do you think you guys might ever play some shows in the sf bay area? i'd love to check out your live show .....ben bromley

I did check out your site - its the biz, brother! Contact is dope... Expect to see some more downloads. BTW - what's the scene like in New Mexico? Do you gig at all? I'm from New York, but I'm just curious. Thanks again .....Adrian

good tunes btw... im listening to dont mean a thang... groovy sound. i used to manage a funk band a few years back and that style is still alive and kickin in the club scene.. especially now that the 70's sound is makin a comeback.. From: "broken [email protected]

Hey! Kenny Seay from 790 Robot Head here. YOU guys rock!!! The turntables are killin'!!! Great site also. People need to hear you guys. I loved what I heard!!!! [email protected]

I checked out your funkin' grooves and I definitely approve! Y'all got it goin' on! It is a drag trying to find good music on MP3 sometimes so I was pleasantly surprised. Groove On Freak-Man! .....modern music man / True Blue

Great Sound you guys have .....Jeff Johnson / [email protected]

Sweet! You guys are cool. I am going to link you! .....www.mp3.com/bloodylovelies

Very kewl sounds, good luck .....michal

Well i've listend to your songs and think they're realy freaky - funky. I liked it. .....Lux, Projekat LESLY

I downloaded your stuff, cool groove thang happening! Take care .....Jeff Miller (Simon Apple)

I checked out your bands sight and I thought your album picture was beyond cool. Your songs are very trippy and lively. You guys have alot of talent. [email protected]

Your MP3 files sound great. Punchy even through the computer speakers. I love the album title too .....Peter Kovacs / [email protected]

Hey! Wow, really cool funky stuff u got there! .....My ICQ#: 1032142. [email protected]

I love your groove! Remeba, never to fake anything you believe in, Keep it up .....Kahsay -leadsinger in SAY What / [email protected]

Dig ya music, if im ever in the states recording, ill call for some bass!! .....C.U Max Hall / [email protected]

hey, you guys look cool and sound bitchin!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! .....PROJECTVIBE / [email protected]

Too cool. Excellent cd. Peace [email protected]

Hey, downloaded soulpower 99 - fine shit. cool .....p - THE WELDERS / [email protected]

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