Sticky Pistil
Po Box 85
Carson, NM 87517

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Sticky Pistil:

Sticky Pistil got together in 1998 in Taos, New Mexico and
put a funky, amped up, hyperdriven, animated, loud, live performance together that landed us on the Emerging Artitsts Stage at Woodstock '99. We have also opened for national acts such as fishbone, 2 skinnee J's, spearhead, boom shaka and others.

Descriptions such as "Terrors of the American Funk Scene" and "the funkiest sh*t since white castle bathrooms" definately hint at the fact that this band is FUNKY, but we are much more than that as we take urban, R&B, rap, trip hop, hip hop, funk and psychedelic rock and roll and blend it all together perfectly to create what has been dubbed "The Funkinmental Experience." We are:

Uzi: vocals, roland mc505 groovebox, sample and drum programming, guitar
Freakboy: bass and vocals
Preacher: electric, acoustic and lap steel guitars and vocals
Emc: drums and percussion

Sticky Pistil's live show:

Woodstock was rocked to the core by Sticky Pistil. With the funkiest bass sound ever heard, the boys had everyone on their feet and dancing. Sticky Pistil are hotter than the Chili Peppers and will DESTROY you if you are lucky enough to see them live...Doug Cornell, amp3reviews

I had to check the Sticky Pistil website. I got to say it is ALMOST as cool as your live show. I was at Woodstock on friday when I happened into the emerging bands building right as you guys were setting up. Your band blew me away. You generated as much energy as I saw from any band there and I was there the full 3 days.....Paul Gant

Sup guys? I saw you guys at Woodstock and the whole show was awesome!! I was right up front. I got the bumper sticker on my car already! An eclectic mix of funk, rap and alternative. I like get the best of everything. Keep up the good work! Let me know when you're comin to Philly! I can't wait to get your CD!.....Deanna

Sticky Pistil's music and more:

Some of our favorite rockstars and influences include: Beck, Red Hot Chili Peppers, Everlast, The Beastie Boys, Public Enemy, Limp Bizkit, Primus, P-Funk, Spearhead, Fatboy Slim, Eric B. and Rakim, Kid Rock, Frank Zappa and Tom Waits.

We are a very internet conscious band that has created an extremely heavy web presence. Our web site is as animate as we are with shockwave song videos, real audio, mp3's, lots of animation, information and lots of visitors (50,000 per month). We are also one of 20 bands chosen by to compete in a Battle of the Bands on New Years Eve 2K for a prize of $1,000,000 and a recording contract.

We released our debut CD "Hi-Fi Superfly", in april 1999. It is a collection of very funky tunes that covers a wide spectrum from psychedelic funk to hip hop.

Songs from the CD are being played with good rotation on the commercial radio stations throughout our state and others as well as on college radio stations across the country. Internet radio play is also heavy and our CD was recently listed in CMJ's new releases.

The CD has received some excellent press in the months following it's release and more impressive is the feedback it has gotten from the general



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