Digital Highway paved the road to Woodstock
Sticky Pistil used edgy marketing tactic
By Antonio Lopez
for The New Mexican, Pasatiempo sept 3-9th, 1999

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An Indie
Band's Use of the Internet
Reveals How the Business of Music is Changing

an article by Su Wong / photos by Dorie Hagler

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also click here to read an interview with John Morris, the legendary Head of Production at
Woodstock '69 and Filmore East, talks to Su Wong about Sticky Pistil and the on-line music business.

"Goin' Up the Country"
Sticky Pistil uses Internet to snag a slot on the prized
Emerging Artists Stage at Woodstock '99

By Sue Wong for the Taos News - july 22nd

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Fertile Imaginations
An Interview with Sticky Pistil

By Melody Romancito for The Taos News - may 6th 1999

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