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Sticky Pistil has been playing live music and recording since 1997. Their debut CD "HiFi Superfly", released in april 1999, recieved rave reviews, singles from that CD topped the mp3 charts throughout 1999. The band played as emerging artists at Woodstock '99. In 2010 we released Have You Forgotten. A collection of previously unreleased songs and remixes of some Sticky Pistil classics.


Have You Forgotten

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01. - Have You Forgotten

02. - Ego Trippin'
03. - Presidents Day
04. - Soul Power (Remix)
05. - Thank You DJ's (Remix)
06. - All That Scratchin' (Remix)
07. - 420 (Miracle Mix)
08. - The Sound of Industry
09. - Industry
10. - The Western World (Remix)
11. - America's Baby
12. - She Said Love
13. - Captain America (Live)
14. - Get a Job (Live)
15. - Miles Beyond (Live)
16. - U Can Dance 2 This (Live)

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Download Americas Baby
Download Americas Baby

Download President's Day!
Presidents Day - HiFi 10mb

Presidents Day - LoFi 4mb

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